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Civil Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Businesses need attorneys who can competently and economically handle routine commercial matters.  However, often businesses require counsel highly capable of handling unique, sophisticated matters with the potential to dramatically impact their company.  Pickens Law’s commercial clients demand and deserve superior representation tailored to their overall business goals and objectives. Whatever the objectives, we are prepared to swiftly and economically service needs, whether through negotiation and mediation, or by undertaking aggressive discovery, motion practice, and defending the case vigorously through trial or arbitration, and all appeals.

     Representative Case:

  • Champion Produce, Inc. v. Ruby Robinson Co., 342 F.3d 1016 (9th Cir. Idaho 2003)

Real Estate Litigation

On a day-to-day basis, Pickens Law handles matters ranging from routine mechanics liens to partner disputes, contract and lease controversies, lender/borrower and landlord/tenant claims, land use and zoning disputes, and easement matters. The depth of our attorneys’ experience gives us the ability to successfully represent clients in litigation involving project development, contract and land acquisition disputes, design, development and construction related claims, title insurance and other insurance claims, real estate disputes in court, and other real estate litigation issues.

Our clients expect us to understand the problems they encounter, and rely on our experience and resources to help them solve these problems. With time sensitivity being a significant factor in most real estate developments, we focus on resolving disputes and removing obstacles from the development process in a cost efficient and expeditious manner.

     Representative Cases:

  • Akers v. D.L White Construction, Inc., 142 Idaho 293; 127 P.3d 196 (2005)
  • Akers v. Mortensen, 147 Idaho 39; 205 P.3d 1175 (2009)
  • Piske v. Freeman, 143 Idaho 832 (2007)
  • Ultrawall, Inc. v. Wash. Mut. Bank, 135 Idaho 832 ( 2001)
  • West Woods Investment Inc. v. Acord, 141 Idaho 75; 106 P.3d 401 (2005)